Course Content

  •     Anatomy of a website
  •     Get a Domain name
  •     Get Hosting
  •     Update Nameservers
  •     Install WordPress
  •     View Your Website
  •     Explore WordPress Dashboard
  •     Create Your First Page
  •     Themes and Plugins
  •     Customize
  •     Learn Elementor
  •     Add Services Section
  •     What is Next?

Course Description

This free course will introduce you the world of web design. You will learn about domain names, web hosting and how to set up a website without coding.

The course project will take you through buying a domain name, getting web hosting and setting up a WordPress website.

Course Outcome

At the end of this introductory course, you would have bought a domain name, set up web hosting for your website, installed WordPress, created your first web page and started using the most powerful website builder in the world!

Course Fee