Course Description

Laravel is one of the most powerful Php-based frameworks for full-stack web development. This courses is a gentle introduction to Laravel as it takes you through building a complete Web App.

Course Audience

This course introduces beginners to web coding. If you want a career as a full-stack web developer, this course is a perfect start.

Course Fee


Course Project

The Employee data App is a Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) app. You will learn vital web development features like user registration, login, user management (creation, editing, deleting). Laravel is the framework used for the backend. Languages/Technologies covered include html, css, Php, Javascript, MySql and Git.

Course Outcome

At the end of this course, you would have a built an Employee Data Web App. You would have a working understanding of the Laravel framework and gotten basic principles in App development.

Course Certificate

You will receive a course certificate once your course Project is reviewed and satisfactory.

Course Availability

This course is undergoing development and is scheduled to be available from February 2021. You can preorder now at a reduced price of ₦25000.00. Once the course is published, it will be sold for ₦35000.00.