What You Will learn

Course Description

Laravel is one of the most powerful Php-based frameworks for full-stack web development. This courses is a gentle introduction to Laravel as it takes you through building a complete Web App.

Course Audience

This course introduces beginners to web coding. If you want a career as a full-stack web developer, this course is a perfect start.

Course Fee


Course Project

The Employee data App is a Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) app. You will learn vital web development features like user registration, login, user management (creation, editing, deleting). Laravel is the framework used for the backend. Languages/Technologies covered include html, css, Php, Javascript, MySql and Git.

Course Outcome

At the end of this course, you would have a built an Employee Data Web App. You would have a working understanding of the Laravel framework and gotten basic principles in App development.

Course Certificate

You will receive a course certificate once your course Project is reviewed and satisfactory.