What You Will learn

✓ How to make money with Ad publishing in WordPress

✓ How to make money with Affiliate Marketing

✓ How to make money Freelancing with Fiverr and Upwork

✓ How to make money selling WordPress courses

✓ How to make money creating sites for people in your network

✓ How to make money selling websites on Flippa

Course Content

  •     Introduction
  •     Blogging
  •     Website Flipping
  •     Selling Courses
  •     Freelancing
  •     Full-time Job
  •     Take Action

Course Description

WordPress is the world's most popular software for building websites and the average WordPress designer earns $50 per hour. There are several ways of making money once you learn WordPress. This course will show you five ways to make money with WordPress. You will get an indepth overview of how to make money with WordPress by blogging, freelancing, creating your own WordPress courses, Affiliate marketing as well as getting a full-time job. And what if you don't quite like looking for clients? Then there is Flippa. We'll show you how to make money selling starter or established websites on Flippa.

Course Outcome

Learn how to go from learning WordPress to making money with WordPress. You will learn five best ways to make money with WordPress.

Course Fee


Course Certificate

You will receive a course certificate once your course Project is reviewed and satisfactory.

Course Availability

This course is fully available. You can start immediately after your payment is received.