Course Description

CSS stands for Cascading Stylesheets and it is what gives structure and style to websites. After learning html, CSS is the next web programming language to learn. This course will teach you CSS from the very beginning.

We are going to clone two website home pages in this course. We are building and homepages.

Course Outcome

At the end of this come, you would have acquired a solid foundation in CSS. You would have built two website homepages. Your skills would be enough to apply for some front-end development jobs. And if you choose to start your own web design business, you would be ready!

Course Fee


Course Certificate

You will receive a course certificate once your course Project is reviewed and satisfactory.

Course Availability

This course is undergoing development and is scheduled to be available from September 2021. You can preorder now at a reduced price of ₦15000.00. Once the course is published, it will be sold for ₦25000.00.