Course Description

Affiliate Marketing is the number 1 passive income source in the world. This course will provide an overview of Affiliate marketing business and get you started. You will learn the best Affiliate Programs to join and how to get paid.

We will use 2 Affiliate Programs in Nigeria to illustrate how to make money with Affiliate Marketing.

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Course Outcome

Affiliate Marketing will not make you an overnight millionaire. Indeed you might end up not making any money if you are impatient. But you can make good money if you do it right! At the end of this course, you will have sufficient knowledge to begin as an Affiliate Marketer.

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You will receive a course certificate once your course Project is reviewed and satisfactory.

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This course is undergoing development and is scheduled to be available from October 2021. You can preorder now at a reduced price of ₦4900.00. Once the course is published, it will be sold for ₦5000.00.