The Switbai Academy Affiliate Program rewards hardwork by paying high referral commissions. When you invite people to enroll on any of our courses, we pay you 30% of the course fee. You can earn as much as you like thereby creating fulltime or side income from our Affiliate Program. We also provide personalized support to Affiliates to ensure success.

Affiliate FAQ

Who is an affiliate partner?

As an affiliate partner, your job is to promote Switbai Academy courses in exchange for a commision. When people you refer purchase a course, you will be paid 30% of the course fee. If a course is sold for NGN20000, your affiliate commision would be NGN6000!

How do I use my Affiliate Link?

All you have to do is to give friends and family your Affiliate link. Once they click your affiliate link, they will be redirected to Switbai Academy homepage where they can enroll for any course. You can place your affiliate link on whatsApp, facebook, Instagram, Twitter, personal website etc. You can also write it out for people to use..

What is a Course referral Link?

Besides your Affiliate link, you can also use Course Referral links. You can use a course referral link when you want to refer people to a specific course, and not to the homepage of Switbai Academy

How Would Switbai Academy know when I have made an Affilaite Sale?

By means of what we call cookies, we can detect when a person lands on our website by clicking on your Affiliate link. Your Affilaite link is unique. Therefore, we can easily match sales to you.

How much do I earn per sale?

You earn a commission of 30% of the course fee per sale.

When do I get paid?

We send payment to your bank account by the 3rd of every month. Payment covers commission earned in the preceeding month. For example, if you earn NGN30000 in January, you will be paid by February 3.

Start Earning with our Affiliate Program!