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Build a Professional Website Without Coding
Rapid Web Design- Build a Professional Website Without Coding

This online course will teach you step-by-step how to build a complete website without coding within 7 hours. Using a Project-based approach, you will design a real-world website and launch it on the web. Everything involved in building a website and hosting it on the internet will be covered. You will go from zero to hero in website design at the end of this course!

NGN10000.00       20000.00

Laravel 101- Build an Employee Data App
Laravel 101- Build an Employee Data App

Laravel is one of the most powerful Php-based frameworks for full-stack web development. This courses is a gentle introduction to Laravel as it takes you through building a complete Web App.

NGN25000.00       35000.00

Create an Ecommerce Website with WordPress
Create an Ecommerce Website with WordPress

Selling online is the standard of our modern world. This course will teach you how to create an online store, also called an ecommerce store.

NGN20500.00       35000.00

Blogging 101- How to Create a Blog
Blogging 101- How to Create a Blog

Blogging is no longer a matter of passion. Thousands of people like you make full-time or side income from Blogging. This course teaches how to create a Blog and set it up as an income source.

NGN10500.00       30000.00

Learn Html from Scratch
Learn Html from Scratch

HyperText Markup Language (html) is the foundation of Web Development. This is where to start if you want a solid career in web development. You will learn html by working on five (5) real-world projects.

NGN5000.00       7500.00

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing is the number 1 passive income source in the world. This course will provide an overview of Affiliate marketing business and get you started. You will learn the best Affiliate Programs to join and how to get paid.

NGN3500.00       5000.00

Introduction to Web Design Without Coding
Introduction to Web Design Without Coding

This free course will introduce you the world of web design. You will learn about domain names, web hosting and how to set up a website without coding.


CSS for Beginners
CSS for Beginners

CSS stands for Cascading Stylesheets and it is what gives structure and style to websites. After learning html, CSS is the next web programming language to learn. This course will teach you CSS from the very beginning.

NGN12500.00       25000.00

How to Create an Online Course that Sells
How to Create an Online Course that Sells

Online learning is a multi-billion dollar industry. Everyone can be part of online learning by creating online courses and selling them. This course will teach you how to create an online course that sells.

NGN7500.00       15000.00

About Us

Switbai Academy is the educational arm of Switbai-a web development consultancy. We have trained over a thousand students in the past 6 years. Our focus is online learning via bespoke, easy-to-follow videos coupled with seamless access to course instructors. Our instructors have over a decade experience with Web programming languauges, frameworks and technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Php, Bootstrap, Vuejs, Laravel, WordPress and Git. Beyond the actual design and coding lessons, we teach soft skills required to survive in an ever dynamic world of web development. Coding and Design courses are Project-based, meaning you learn by actually doing and will always have a completed App or Website at the end of such courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Online learning better than physical classes?

With Online learning, you can learn at your on pace. You can play the videos a million times over. You can't do that with physical teachers; they'd get tired of repeating the same thing over and over again.

What do I need to learn online?

A PC/Laptop and internet. Some of our courses can be followed on a mobile Phone as well.

Can I download the course videos?

Absolutely! You will be able to download the videos

What if I need help?

Your course instructor is only a chat away. You can chat with your course instructor anytime and he will be happy to help

Can I recommend your courses to friends and family?

You're awesome! Please do. Learning is sweeter with family and friends. And guess what? We'll pay you 30% referral commission.

Why Should I trust you?

Switbai is a web development company. Our courses are based on what we offer clients professionally. So you are learning from Pros- and acquiring real-world experience.

Students' Expressions


Through Switbai web development training, I’ve gained significant learning to help me get started with developing quality websites for my clients. Our coach is clear and highly passionate about seeing that everyone is able to launch his/her websites in no time through various training guides. Now I feel confident to take on projects from clients.

Gbotemi Adebayo, Student


I stumbled on one of Switbai’s courses one day,while looking out to learn something new. To start with, the price was pocket friendly, and I was expecting just a few videos – I was wrong! The training was rather intensive and the instructions were friendly. Switbai is always willing to help and are flexible with meeting the intellectual needs of the students. This is one of the best online tutorials I have seen so far; taking up a course with Switbai is fun, educative, interactive and worth it.

Mary Fabeyo, Content Creator


A truly wonderful site in learning web design. Nice teaching aids. In fact, Switbai You are too much. More blessings!.

Anderson Omomowo, NYSC Member

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